v4.11 November 2014

Kurt Lingohr -

Release Status

v4.11.0 released Sunday 16th November

Announcing Toll Statement Uploads

I know many of you have been waiting for this quite some time! This version will introduce the "beta" (which means somewhere between experimental and production ready!!) of our Toll Statement upload feature.

Support tolling statements include CityLink (VIC, Australia) and Roads and Maritime Services (NSW, Australia).

There's also a new help article which explains in detail.


New Calendar File

We've made an internal change in how we generate the calendar attachment file which goes into your Outlook calendars. Any issues please let us know by logging a ticket - help@poolcar.com


Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Added a new column to the My Bookings page, "Booking #"
  • Upon creating a new booking, the success message now displays the booking number. Booking numbers are important if you're using our new KeyMaster key lockers (link opens in a new window).
  • Application Settings > Default Licence State. You can now set it back to blank (i.e.  "- Select -") which is handy for multi-national or multi-state customers.
  • Bug fix where a charge out rule anchored to a specific body/chassis type was not being recognized if the upper/lower case text didn't match. Remove the case-sensitivity so that the rule will match regardless of upper/lower case text in the body/chassis type.
  • Bug fix adding a new infringement notice, if using IE v8 or v9 the time picker drop down list did not go away after selecting a time.
  • Access groups - creating a rule based on cost centre code was not finding matching users if the customer was not using Driver Register. 
  • Manage Users page (Sysadmin) now has 'Export to Excel' so you can export the entire user list. The format is the same as the importer, so you could export, make changes in Excel, then re-upload.
  • Expense file upload. Overhauled to use the standard column sequence per the template file. Lookup vehicle cost centre if not specified in the import file.
  • 'Access Group Rules' now supports additional conditions - StartsWith, EndsWith. For example, field 'Email Address' ends with "@mybusinessunit.org.au"
  • New Application setting, 'Always send a booking receipt email'. This setting forces a receipt to be sent for all bookings and removes the ability for the user to choose.
  • Ability to exclude certain cars (bookable assets) from the Servicing Register and servicing reminder emails. i.e. bikes or public transport cards.
  • Expense import template now has a new column for Amount EX Gst. This in an addition to the column Amount INC GST. (GST is Australia's Goods and Services Tax, like VAT).


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