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Kurt Lingohr -

When creating a new user account, there is an option for sending a 'welcome' email to the new user.

Inside this email is a link the user can click to access the system. If you find this link is incorrect, you may need to change the email template.

The content of this email is set in a template (Sysadmin > Email Template - New User Account).

The template has a field called [URL] which is what we call a special placeholder field. When the template is used, the system substitutes this placeholder field with the actual web address, or URL, of your system.

If you happen to be using a non-standard URL for your PoolCar instance, you will need to change this URL in the template.

1. Click Sysadmin > Email Template - New User Account

2. Backspace (or delete) the "[URL]" text, including the square brackets, and type something here for your server/URL. What you type here doesn't have to be the actual server address (although this helps); it could be just "PoolCar".

3. Click the icon for 'Insert Link' then type in the actual server URL for your PoolCar instance. Then click Submit so the editor access the new link.

4. Finally, click the 'Save' button to save the template.


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