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In version 5.1 onwards, there is a new feature to bulk import bookings. This new feature is suitable if you have a large number of future bookings to make, say, a roster of patient home visits.

Like most of our uploader tools, you first need to download the template then populate this template with your booking data. You can download the template from this page (link opens in a new window).

If after reading this article you are stuck, please contact us by logging a ticket. Simply send an email to help@poolcar.com


How To

  1. Download the template (link above).
  2. Populate with your data.
  3. In Excel, do a File > 'Save As' selecting the CSV file type.
  4. In PoolCar, go to Sysadmin > Main Menu.
  5. Click 'Bulk Import Bookings'
  6. Follow the instructions on page, selecting the CSV file you saved in step 3 above.
  7. Click 'Upload' and once your file is processed, the results will be displayed on screen.

With your data file, here are some Do's and Don'ts.


  • Keep the header row intact. This is needed for the file importer to work correctly
  • In Excel, File > 'Save As' CSV file type
  • In the 'Send Receipt' column, enter either "Y" or "Yes" or "N" or "No". Upper/lowercase does not matter.


  • Don't delete any columns or add new ones (except for Custom Fields, described below). The exact structure of the file is important!


Custom Fields

If you have custom fields configured for your booking form, you can import this data too. Note in the Excel template there are columns for custom fields. Space is provided for two custom fields, but if you have more than this, simply create new columns being sure to also have text in the header row.

The sequence is important. Where you have custom fields defined, they have a sequence number - 1, 2, 3, etc. Field with sequence number one should be the first custom field column in Excel, sequence no. 2 should be the second column, etc.

In other words, the importer will map column "K" of the template to custom field sequence field no.1, column "L" would be sequence 2, and so on.



Here's some things to look out for:

  • If the system setting is enabled to source all cost centres (and project codes) from the reference table, then the importer will reject rows where the cost centre code is not valid. Ditto for project codes. The rationale here is that if the system admin has enabled this setting - presumably to stop 'junk' codes entering the system - then the importer should also abide by this decision.
  • The importer will reject any rows where the reservation start date is in earlier than the current time. This is to prevent retrospective bookings entering the system and possibly corrupting utilisation figures.
  • If the system setting is enabled to force a minimum number of characters in the description field, rows may be rejected if the Description is too short. Again this is to preserve data quality.
  • If the system is configured to hide the Purpose/Destination field, just put "N/A" in the Excel column. Don't delete this column, just put something (anything) in this field and it will be ignored.
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