v5.5 May 2015

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Release Status

v5.5 released


Enterprise Customers - Server Configuration

The following applies only to Enterprise customers who are doing their own installs via Nuget:

Please note that as of this version of PoolCar, we have upgraded the requirement for the ASP.NET framework. Up until recently, we have been supporting version 3.5 of the framework, which is essentially version 2.0 with some small improvements.

Version 2 (3.5) is quite old now, dating back around a decade. Newer versions of the framework allow us to take greater advantage of the improvements, such as caching and performance.

As of PoolCar v5.5, you will need to download and the most current version of the framework, currently v4.5.2. Rest assured that v2/3.5 and v4.5 will happily co-exist on the same server.

Once downloaded from Microsoft and installed, you will need to go into the IIS > Application Pools and change from version 2 to 4.5.

IMPORTANT - This framework upgrade will need to be performed BEFORE you download this version of PoolCar from the Nuget repository, as the run time libraries are henceforth compiled against ASP.NET v4.5*

Please log a ticket if you require any more information.


Formatting of the Check In/Out Page

The Check In/Out page lists all the bookings due to be checked out or back in. The primary identifier for each listing is the car's registration plate.

In v5.5 you can now change this by going into Sysadmin Main Menu > Application Settings. Scroll down to the bottom and look for 'Custom title for entries on the Check Out/In page'. Like the Booking Email template, this works on place-holder fields. The available fields are currently:

  • {Rego}
  • {KeyNo}
  • {VehicleName}

The system will default to {Rego} as this is what has been used traditionally. You can combine any or all of these three fields. It is expected that new fields will be added in time, or as requested by customers.


User Import Template

We have done an overhaul (excuse the motoring pun) on the User Import template. Gone is the cumbersome copy/paste CSV data into the text box. The import page now has a direct link to the template which is in CSV format. Simply add rows to the template, save, then upload the CSV file. The importer is a little bit more clever now in how it handles rows that don't seem to be valid data rows, rejecting those rows instead of throwing an error.

Also in the User Import template is a new optional column for Time Zone. This is handy if you want to default certain users to different time zones.


Vehicle Import Template 

We have also overhauled the vehicle import template. This was susceptible to formatting errors and relied on users copy/pasting slabs of CSV text. As of v5.5.1(4) the vehicle uploader has a direct link to download the CSV file. Populate that file, then upload that file as CSV. The importer will now scan for data errors row-by-row and reject only those rows which contain data errors.


Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • If using the new Pool Management suite, key collection and return fields were not passing through to the booking email template. Fixed in v5.5.0
  • Performance improvements to the Audit Trail and Email Log pages. Some customers with large logs were experiencing database timeout errors. v5.5.0
  • KeyMaster checking in a key would not allow the user to insert the keys if the In/Out board considered the car to be out. Sometimes the In/Out board was out of sync with the cabinet, resulting in a poor user experience for drivers returning keys. As of v5.5.1 the cabinet will accept the keys back in irrespective of the In/Out board status.
  • If using Explicit method of Access Groups, the Welcome page now has a check box list for access groups, as opposed to the previous drop-down list which only allowed one selection. The check box list now allows for multiple selections. v.5.5.1
  • Provisional Bookings on the Sysadmin page was only showing bookings requiring approval within next 30 days. Now 365 days. v.5.5.1
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