v5.2 February 2015

Kurt Lingohr -

Release status

  • v5.2.0 released Sun 21st Feb 
  • v5.2.1 released Thu 12th March
  • v5.2.2 released Thu 12th March


In this issue...

It's been a very busy past few months with the (imminent) launch of some major new features. These new features have been in various stages of testing with the sponsoring customers and will be released to all production servers in the near future.

This upgrade contains a significant amount of internal "plumbing" in readiness for these new features. As a teaser to future releases:

  • Journal sub-system - think of the Journal as internal charging on steroids.
  • Pool Management - an 'purer' approach to creating and managing vehicle pools, doing away with Site/Campus admins and replacing them with Pool Officers and Pool Managers.
  • Journey Planner - taking a proactive stance to suggest alternate modes of transport, such as walking, bicycling and public transport.
  • Integration to Morse Watchmans new "touch" KeyWatcher cabinets.
  • Overhaul of the Vehicle Register (to become the Asset Register) with a tabbed-layout and comprehensive array of vehicle fields, such as Engine Capacity, Stamp Duty, etc. All the fields you would expect a fleet management system to contain, thereby doing away with spreadsheets.
  • Further work on the integration of GPS tracking devices and associated logic.
  • More stringent controls over what odometer readings are entered into the system, to prevent triggering of bogus servicing reminders.

On to what's is new in this version...


For New Zealand Customers

In addition to the previously released Warrant of Fitness (Certification) register, we are pleased to release in this version a new register for Road User Charges ("RUC"). In NZ road up-keep taxes are not built into the price of diesel fuel, so diesel drivers must pre-purchase a distance licence. Each distance licence is good for 1000 Km, which you can imagine is difficult to track and manage with a large fleet.

Version 5.2 introduces the RUC register and corresponding fields in the Vehicle Register, so that expiry reminders are emailed to vehicle fleet managers, much like servicing reminders.


Registration Reminders

In the vehicle register, there was a field for month of registration. This field has been made redundant with the addition of a new field to track the actual date the registration expires. By tracking the expiry date we can now do some cool things with a new registration reminder robot. Like the servicing register robot, you can now be notified when a registration is due soon for renewal, or when a registration has expired.


Bulk Import Bookings

If your site/campus admins need a quick and easy way to create bookings en-masse, the new Bulk Import tool is worth a look. This is suited for advanced bookings according to a schedule, i.e. home visit roster. This new tool is available from the Sysadmin and Campus admin menus, and like our other importers, relies on a standard template.



A new register called Penalties allows sysadmins to apply fines to drivers where their conduct breaches your usage guidelines. For example, returning the car dirty, low fuel, late return, "no shows" for check out, etc.

Each penalty can then be inclcuded can then be charged back to the driver's cost centre - more to come on this later when the new "Journal" has been released.


Fuel Import Templates

In version 5.2.1, a few changes have been made to the fuel import templates:

  • Cost Centre field has been removed. During an import, the cost centre code will be looked up in real time from the vehicle register. We consider this to be a more reliable source than what comes to you from the fuel company.
  • A new field (hidden) field for Project Code (aka Fund code, a sub-code of cost centre code) which is also looked up in real time.
  • A new field "Total Spend ex GST". To date we have only supplied you with an "Inc GST" field and we encourage you to move over to the Ex GST values instead. The whole system is moving away from Inc GST prices to Ex GST to make it more consistent across the board, especially with the new soon to be released Journal function.


Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Gradual rollout of an improved "Rego" type-ahead field. Rather than the auto-suggested list just containing the registration it now also includes the make, model, etc. This is only in a few places for now and will gradually be rolled out everywhere a rego type-ahead is used.
  • API key lockout. To protect against hacking, where an API call is made and the API Key is incorrect, the entire API sub-system will go into lock-down if there are five or more incorrect attempts. An email will be sent to the primary email address (as specified on the AppSettings page) alerting them to the lock-down, and the opportunity to un-lock.


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