v5.6 June 2015

Kurt Lingohr -

Half way through the year folks!

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

This release sees the introduction of a new report, called the FBT Report. It is available from the System Admin menu, under the Reports heading. Note this is 'beta' which means it may have a few bugs so if you spot anything out of the ordinary please let us know help@poolcar.com

This FBT report is for the Australian taxation system using the Statutory method of calculation. These parameters are configurable from the Sysadmin > Application Settings page (towards the bottom of the page).


Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Two new AppSettings which allow you to hide the 'Record Odos' and 'Returned Early' options on the My Bookings page. Why? Well if you were using Check In/Out then you may want to hide these options.
  • Fixes to the Citylink Toll statement upload. Note if you are having problems uploading a Citylink file please email it to us to test. 
  • Data grids (Gridviews) for Access Groups and Access Group Rules were only showing 10 rows. Now shows all rows.
  • Improvements to the Fuel Uploader to attempt to match each transaction to a cost centre and better handling of GST (ex/inc)
  • Pool Managers (if using the Pool Management feature) were having problems editing or cancelling a booking
  • Ability to add time zone data for users in the User import process


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