v5.7 July 2015

Kurt Lingohr -

'5 Minute' Robots

Version 5.7 sees the introduction of two new Robots, called the '5 minute' robots. As the name suggests, these run every 5 minutes and do system housekeeping.

  • Auto-Cancel: will cancel bookings not checked out within a certain time ("no shows"). This time limit defaults to 30 minutes but you can change it to whatever suits in the App Settings page. 
  • Running late alerts: will send the system admins an email alert when a booking is running late by more than 30 minutes. Again this 30 minutes is configurable. By running late we mean that the car has been checked out but not yet checked back in, and the current time is more than 30 minutes after the due-back time (reservation-end time).

These '5 minute' robots are beta. If you wish to enable these robots please let us know, help@poolcar.com


Enhancements and Bug-Fixes

  • Refinement of the FBT report, particularly testing the FBT calculations. The report now also shows what FBT values it is using.
  • Introduced a version of the Kiosk page (check in/out) for customers using the new Pool Management suite.
  • The Check Out/In page for Pool Officer's (where Pool Management has been enabled) now has an auto-refresh tick box. If ticked the page will automatically refresh every two minutes.
  • Driver licences which have been verified were not displaying the Verified tick when their licence status changed from 'OK' to 'Expiring Soon'.
  • Robots page, Send Licence Reminders was not changing to 'On' when On was clicked and the Save button clicked.
  • Further performance improvements.
  • My Bookings > Odos pop-up windows was not observing the application setting for how strict the checking of odo readings.
  • Expense register now has an Ex GST field.
  • Servicing cost field now gets recorded in the Expense Register as ex GST. Serviced page now has the words 'ex GST' against the Cost field.
  • Import fleet spreadsheet page now has a confirmation 'Are you sure?' when ticking the delete all option.
  • Import users page now has a confirmation 'Are you sure?' when ticking the delete all option.
  • Who Had It page was showing the reservation times for the Check Out/In section. Replaced with the actual check out and in time stamps.
  • Driver Register has a new field called 'Access Card Number' - this is for customers who need to associate a driver with an access card, such as door swipe RFID or Prox card.
  • KeyMaster units can span multiple time zones - the Units page now has a new field for Timezone. It will default to the system time zone. 
  • KeyMaster authentication now supports driver licence number, card access number and employee ID as booking authentication methods, in addition to the commonly used Booking Number.
  • Bookable Asset Regiser, Historical Odos tab, can now delete odo readings.
  • Toll statement uploader now gives you the opportunity to reject the file if etag IDs are not found in the vehicle register. This is handy if you need the entire file to be imported - or not at all - if you were, say, needing the exact total to match your accounting system.


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