v5.8 August 2015

Kurt Lingohr -

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Toll statement import, bug fix when performing a lookup of the tag ID and the assignment date span to a particular vehicle
  • Driver register bug fix when adding a new driver, was throwing a silent error in the background
  • Calendar Headers now supports the Fuel Type field
  • Toll import for RMS NSW now includes a GST rounding transaction as their statements are supplied GST inclusive. v5.8.0.2
  • Bookings were being journalled twice under certain circumstances. Added additional checks to ensure each booking is journalled only once, v5.8.0.2
  • Servicing Regime now offers smaller increments, handy for assets that require servicing in terms of Engine Hours not distance (i.e. forklifts, boats, etc). v5.8.0.3
  • For some customers, users were able to make bookings without having an entry in the Driver Register. As of this release, users will be redirected back to the Welcome page to complete their driver profile.
  • Booking form custom fields can now have a link ("More Info") next to the field which can be linked to any Internet or Intranet link. For example, linking an FBT question back to your FBT guidelines policy.
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