5.11 November 2015

Kurt Lingohr -

Telematics Update

We have been fielding many enquiries for our telematics platform. Telematics is hardware that goes into the car, like GPS trackers, Driver Behaviour and also RFID keyless entry.

Currently there are two contractors working on our telematics platform and work should be concluded by the end of this year. Stay tuned for further announcements and details of our pilot program.

Remember that we can also integrate into telematics platforms from other vendors. Simply drop us a line if this is something that you may be interested in. The key advantage is getting live, accurate ODO readings directly from the car.


We're Moving!

In early December we will be moving from our Melbourne CBD address to a factory in Mornington, VIC. This factory combines office space with an assembly floor - for assembling our new model Key Cabinets. More information will be released shortly on our new and improved key cabinets.


Morse KeyWatcher

Speaking of Key Cabinets, we have recently developed an interface program that sits between the PoolCar system and the TrueTouch server from MorseWatchman. MorseWatchman make the famous KeyWatcher cabinets. 

This interface program "talks" to TrueTouch and PoolCar, sharing key reservations, drivers/users and also check out/in events.

What this means is that if you already have invested in KeyWatcher cabinets, you can purchase this interface program (aka "module") from us that will make these two platforms operate as one.

This module has recently gone into production at Parramatta City Council in NSW.

Please contact us for pricing information.


Passengers and Multi-Stop "Milk Runs"

Work is currently underway on a completely new Journey Planner component, that not only offers alternative modes of transport beyond vehicles, but also adds comprehensive passenger manifest.

This is in keeping with our sustainability mindset of giving you the tools to be able to reduce your fleet size.

Linked to this piece of work is functionality suited to fleets who have chauffeur drivers, such as shuttle bus drivers or specialised drivers for certain payloads. Under this new component will be the ability to roster/schedule drivers.

More details to follow earlier next year.


Mobile App

Been a busy month! Work is also underway on our mobile app. We have hired a specalist app developer for this project. Expected release is Q1 2016.


Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Two new web service methods, GetBooking and GetVehicle. (for those who are interested in integrations with other systems)
  • Ability now to pre-load RFID/Access card numbers to the Driver Register. You will probably only need this if your key cabinets are using proximity/access cards.
  • New optional field for the Welcome page to prompt the user to enter their Access Card number (i.e. the card used to get into the building, etc) .. see above.
  • Booking form custom fields. New setting for "Position" so that you can add custom fields to either the main booking form, or off to the side in the "This booking belongs to" section.
  • Bug in Uploading the Driver Agreement. If the uploaded file had 4 characters in the file name extension, such as "docx" for Microsoft Word, the uploader was only observing the last 3 characters ("ocx").
  • New report from the Sysadmin page - "ODOs as at (date)"
  • For developers and systems integrators, we have released new web services APIs for Journeys, Passengers and Road User Charges (NZ).
  • New Application Setting option to show passenger counts on the booking calendar. 
  • New Application Setting to hide the 'Change PIN' link on the bottom footer. Will now be hidden by default. Change this setting to make it appear if you require it.
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