6.1 January 2016

Kurt Lingohr -

Scheduled release: released Sun 7th Feb 2016

Version 6.1 means our 6th year! 

Email Delegations

Going on leave soon? Lucky you! As of v6.1.2 you can now temporarily delegate any PoolCar emails to a colleague. For instance, you may want to put a temporary delegation for booking approvals. It is available from the 'My Settings' page (link can be found in the footer bar once logged in). It works by specifying an email address and a date range. If you don't enter a date range, the dates will default to today until today + 1 year.


Forgot your Username?

On the Sign In page there is already a link to reset your password. As of v6.1.2 there is an additional link for users who have forgot their username. 

Note there is no Sign In page for Enterprise (self-hosted) customers. For ADFS/Azure (Active Directory cloud authentication) this feature is not available as the Sign In page is hosted on your own servers.


Enhancements and Fixes

  • Miscellaneous improvements to the user interface for the pop-up booking window
  • Pool Managers (if using the Pool Management suite) could not concurrently book an asset of the same asset class
  • Enterprise customers - if using Pool Management, the 'Manage Roles' page was displaying entries for 'Site Administrator' which is redundant in the Pool Management context
  • Colour is no longer a mandatory field when editing a vehicle via the Vehicle Register
  • Minor improvements to the Priority Claims page
  • New users registering via the Welcome page can no longer enter an email address which has already been registered. This was causing issues for some customers when later using the 'Change Email Address' function (yay!)
  • Again if using the Pool Management suite, the Bookable Asset Register page now has an Export to Excel function.
  • Expense import, incorrect line number being reported when an error. Also blank cell for ODO now treated as though zero '0' was entered to avoid an error.
  • New Booking window, opened from either the Week View or Month View was not showing a Close icon and for some, causing the screen to lock up. Fixed in v6.1.2
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