6.4 April 2016

Kurt Lingohr -

Apologies there were no official (significant) release notes to publish for March. The bulk of the work last month has been on the integration of the new electronic key cabinets.


Single Sign On (SSO) - Azure Active Directory (AzureAD)

We are pleased to announce that in addition to ADFS, PoolCar now supports SSO with Microsoft's AzureAD for our cloud servers. If this something you wish to know more about, please contact sales@poolcar.com


Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixed where under certain circumstances, System Admins could not make bookings on behalf of other users if the application setting 'Drivers can only book for themselves' was enabled.
  • Bug fixed where the label 'Booking' was changed to something other, such as 'Reservation', references to Booking were still appearing in some pages. If you happen to find any other references to Booking - even though you have changed the label to something other than Booking - please do let us know.
  • If using Pool Management, the fleet import template now supports data in columns for Primary and Secondary contact details.
  • Welcome Page 'Date of Birth' field now supports older citizens. Previously the Year of birth went back 70 years, is now -80 years from the current date.
  • Welcome page was squished on some smaller screens and now fills 80% of the page width to look nicer on larger screens.
  • When Signing In on a mobile device, the error message displayed when entering an invalid username and password was not apparent; the error message is now more obvious to the user.
  • Bug fix, importing fleet spreadsheet - lease commencement date was being overwritten by the lease end date.
  • Minor formatting changes to the Sysadmin page - 'How to get support' and 'Days remaining on test drive'
  • Bug fix, importing users. When specifying a password for each user the password in the last row was being applied to each and every imported user.
  • Sign In page, pressing TAB key now advances to the next field in a more user-friendly way.


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