Bulk Import Fleet Assets to PoolCar

Steven Scott -

We have provided a handy tool called Bulk load Vehicles/Assets to save you from manually adding hundreds or thousands of assets into PoolCar one at a time. You can find it under the Uploaders banner of the SysAdmin Main Menu.

If you have your own spreadsheet or database* already containing information about your fleet then this tool is what you need to import all that data into PoolCar.

* You will need to export the data from your database first.


Step 1. Download the template

Download the template via the link on the Bulk load Vehicles/Assets page. It is in CSV format, which will open in Microsoft Excel (or similar). Advanced users - you can hand code the CSV file if you wish. DBAs - export your data to match the CSV format.

Click here to download the template


Step 2. Populate the template with your fleet details

Copy/paste from your other system, ensuring that the respective fields match up with the column headings.

Important! It is super-dooper important that you leave the column heading row exactly how it is. You can resize the columns to see the text, but please do not add, remove or change the order of the columns.

Ensure there is data in the 'Registration/Licence Plate' column. The uploader will skip rows where this column is empty.


Step 3. Upload

Click the 'Browse' button below to locate the CSV file on your computer, then click the 'Upload' button to perform the import into PoolCar.


Do not tick the Delete ALL existing fleet records before import? box unless you really want to clean out the vehicle/asset register.




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