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By default, each cabinet ships with Ethernet connectivity as the default networking choice.

This may or may not suit your needs. For example, if you intend mounting the unit in an area with no network cabling then Wifi or 3G/4G might be a good alternative. Or you may have network security policies that prohibit 3rd party devices from connecting to your network.


How it Works

We recommend using a 3rd party interface device that will 'bridge' the Ethernet socket of the cabinet to your intended network.

There are many devices available that will fill this need; one that we have found to be quite good (and inexpensive) is the TP-Link model TL-MR3020. (Amazon link here for reference)


Setup is a breeze - the TP-Link manual is easy to follow. It is important to note that your IT people will need to configure this device; this is not a service that we can provide for you.

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