Using the TP Link Setup Program

Kurt Lingohr -

We recommend following the official TP Link setup manual. A copy would be included with your purchase, but you can also download it from here.


If Using WISP Mode..

  1. Unpack the device.
  2. Set the mode switch to WISP.
  3. Connect an Ethernet lead between the TP Link device and the Key Cabinet.
  4. Plug in the power connection to the TP Link device. Its a USB connection which will immediately power on the unit once plugged in.
  5. As per step 3 of the manual, on a laptop or computer with WiFi capabilities, connect to the TP Link access point. Note that the password (secret key) is found on a sticker located on the side of the device.
  6. Open a web browser and go to Note the password is admin.
  7. Follow the screen shots found in step 4, part 2 "WISP Client Router Mode".
  8. Once connected, reboot the key cabinet so that is picks up a new network address.
  9. Log in to PoolCar and go to the Sysadmin menu.
  10. Click "Manage Units" the heading "KeyMaster". Observe the current date/time the cabinet last synchronized with the server. Refresh the page after a while to see if the date/time stamp refreshes - the cabinet will synchronize every 30 seconds.


If Using 3G/4G Mode..

As per the above, except set the mode switch to 3G/4G. Follow the steps outlined in the manual.

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