Adding, Deleting or Replacing Vehicles

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Central to the PoolCar system is the Vehicle Register. It can be found on the Sysdmin Menu.


Adding a New Vehicle

On the Vehicle Register page, click the button 'Add Bookable Asset' which can be found near the top right-hand corner of the screen. We use the terminology Asset instead of Vehicle because many customers use the system to book things that are not necessarily cars, like public transport cards, bikes, parking permits, boats, etc.

Clicking this button takes you into a blank form into which you enter the vehicle/asset details. Be sure to scroll down and click the 'Save' button once you have entered all the information!


Deleting a Vehicle

It is important to note that we almost never actually delete anything, but merely hide it from the system. For vehicles we delete a vehicle by Archiving it. From the vehicle register, click Archive on the right-hand side. 

If you accidentally archive the wrong one, you can change the filter bar to show Archived vehicles. From that screen you an UnArchive.


Replacing a Vehicle

When a vehicle has reached the end of its working life, you may want to replace it with a newer model. To record this in PoolCar we recommend the following process.

  1. Go to the Vehicle Register and Edit the vehicle that is being disposed of.
  2. Scroll down (or find), the field "Cannot be booked after". Enter a date here after which you will no longer accept bookings for this vehicle. Scroll down and click the 'Save' button.
  3. Add a New Vehicle as described above. You may not know the registration yet (rego) so enter a dummy value, such as "ReplacementABC123". 
  4. Whilst still in Add (or Edit) mode, scroll down or find the field "Cannot be booked before" and enter a date that you expect the vehicle to be ready for bookings.

When the new vehicle arrives, or when you find out the registration (rego), use the Sysadmin > Change Rego function to change the rego from "ReplacementABC123" to whatever the rego actually is.

When the day comes to actually send the vehicle off for disposal, Delete (archive) the vehicle as explained above.


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