Key status shows OUT but the key is still inside the cabinet

Kurt Lingohr -


The key status report shows a key as being out, but it is still there inside the cabinet.


The solution is to synchronise the correct status of the key as being IN.

If the below steps do not work, or you have an anti-tamper bracelet that will not allow you to remove the RFID disc from the key ring, please log a ticket for a technician to log in to your cabinet and manually set the status.

  1. Using the mechanical key, open the front door of the cabinet.
  2. Locate the key and remove the RFID disc from the key ring.
  3. Close the cabinet door.
  4. Tap 'Returning' and present the RFID disc to the reader.
  5. When instructed, open the door.
  6. You will be instructed to insert the key .. of course the key is already in! So the green slot light will illuminate briefly.
  7. Close the door when instructed.
  8. Go back into the Setup menu and verify the key status is now IN.



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