Check In Prompt - Fuel

Kurt Lingohr -

The simplest way to configure prompts is to access the cabinet from your computer's browser using the IP address, followed by :5000. Eg. You can then use your computer's keyboard to key in the wording for the prompts. Click here to read an article on how to access the menu from your desktop.


Here is the recommended Check In prompt definition for capturing fuel:

Note, the text in the "List of keys" is as follows (in case you would like to copy/paste): 1-Under 1/4 tank, 2-Under half, 3-Under 3/4, 4-Over 3/4

It is important that each comma separated key starts with an integer being 1 through 4 inclusive. The system back end needs data in a 1 to 4 range, as the server takes the leftmost single character of the incoming data for this fuel field.


Please note: You will need to reboot the cabinet via System --> Reboot after changing any prompts.

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