6.6 June 2016

Kurt Lingohr -

Release status:

  • v6.6.0 released Wed 16th June
  • v6.6.1 released Mon 20th June
  • v6.6.2 released to SYD1 only, other servers to follow by Monday 4th July

Steven (Customer Success Manager) and Gaurang (Programmer) have worked the ticket queue right down, clearing most of the ticket backlog. Hence a massive month of updates!

Password Strength

In this version we introduce a new security feature to force users to use more secure passwords. Available from the Application Settings page, you may choose from three levels of complexity:

  • Low (default)
  • Medium
  • High

The difference between the levels of complexity are to do with length, uppercase, lowercase and the use of special characters such as $#@! etc. The exact differences are omitted here for hacker/security reasons but if you do need more information, please log a ticket requesting the details. 

With these new settings, when a user next changes their password these settings will take effect. Note that it does not work retrospectively - i.e. it will not force every user to change their password right now.

Also, this does not apply to Single Sign On (SSO) customers.

It is highly recommended that all customers use the "High" setting.


Key Cabinet Check-In Prompts

Lots of development has gone into the Check In prompts this month, where we can now prompt the driver for data such as odos, fuel, issues / damage, etc.

We've also overhauled the help section related to Key Cabinets, complete with setup guides and How-To articles.


Reporting for Customers Using Pool Management

The eagerly awaited enhancements to Reports for those customers using the Pool Management suite are now included in v6.6.2


New Booking Page - new Time-Based Filter

A common issue we have reported to us is that the New Booking page - which shows the cars and the bookings against them - can be difficult to search/scroll if a user is looking for a specific time block.

As of v6.6.2 there is a new time filter to restrict the listing of available cars to to a specific time span. For example, if you needed a car between 2pm and 4pm, by specifying those times, the cars which already have bookings against them will be omitted from the list. 


Mobile App in Development

Coding has commenced on our PoolCar smartphone app. More news to come over the next few weeks when we release the beta version to the respective app stores (iOS and Android initially).


Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • A new Application Setting to specify the number of days before a driver licence changes from "OK" status "Expiring Soon". Default is 90 days although system admins can now set a lower value (no of days) to coincide with receiving a notice from the respective licencing authority.
  • Better cultural localisation/localization of the "licence" wording of "driver licence"
  • Changed web page labels of Surname to Last Name. Last Name is used mostly throughout the system so we have changed Surname to Last Name for consistency.
  • Bug fix Asset Register - list of Pools was showing all pools, restricted now to only Active Pools. Delete function now archives an asset directly from the Asset Register page.
  • Booking form - 'Booking Overview' section (top right-hand corner of the booking form window) has had a visual overhaul with icons and better layout of information. Also for admins, who see the blue shaded drop down list of cars on the booking form - changing a vehicle selection from the list now updates the information displayed in the Booking Overview section.
  • Bug fix for Custom Code Blocks - reports of random behaviour wherein the Passenger Manifest tabs and also the Custom Code Blocks seem to appear then not appear. Cause identified and fixed.
  • Enhancement to fuel import of Caltex files v6.6.0.3
  • Faster page load times for the Audit Log and Email log. v6.6.1.0
  • Bug fix, if hidden the Exclusivity Option then ignore the user's profile, ticket #2171 v6.6.2
  • Bug fix, In/Out board incorrectly showing Next Booking if the next booking is the one that was checked out/in early. v6.6.2
  • Bug fixes to SiteAdmin pages 'VehicleAvailabilityCalendar' and 'ManageBookingsForSite' per tickets #2156 and #2157 v6.6.2
  • USA customers, the list of License States will now be automatically populated with all 50 states. The Australian/NZ states will be automatically deleted.
  • For customers using Pool Management, bug fix when assigning a car to a pool for dates into the future. The car was not appearing in either the Unassigned nor Assigned pool lists. v6.6.2.2
  • Bug fix for Reports (Charts) page for customers using Pool Management v6.6.2.2
  • Speed improvements to the Sysadmin > Provisional Bookings page v6.6.2.2
  • Welcome page and the My Settings > Delegate Email fields enforce a valid email address format (i.e. the @ symbol and dots not commas, etc). v6.6.2.2
  • On the Sign In page (cloud customers) the Customer Logo was appearing as a broken image due to folder permissions, fixed v6.6.2.2
  • Some customers were seeing the My Bookings page appear in the booking pop-up window (which infers a system error) if using CanOnlyBookForSelf and editing an existing booking v6.6.2.2
  • When archiving a car from the Bookable Assets Register (Pool Management) the system will now prevent you from doing so if there are future bookings against the car v6.6.2.2 
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