1.21 June 2016

Kurt Lingohr -

WUID, Woot!

WUID, or the Walk-up User Identifier as we know it in the workshop, is the piece of information that the user types into the cabinet "Departing" screen. The most common WUID is the Booking Number. In other words, the user identifies themselves to the cabinet with their booking number.

Some customers, such as councils, use a recurring booking for custodians of private use cars to take the car home each evening. The challenge therefore is for these custodians to have to lookup (or remember) a unique booking number for each day of the week.

Thanks to some clever architecture, we can now exploit the power and flexibility of the WUID. Its an identifier, of which Booking Number is just one possible form of ID. 

Starting with version 1.21 there are two new WUIDs available:

  • Employee ID, as defined in the PoolCar Driver Register; and
  • Card No, such as a proximity or RFID card.

Going back to the example of the council, the custodian now just needs to enter their Employee ID (payroll no) and the KeyMaster firmware will automatically convert this into a Booking Number.

In the same manner, it is now possible to wire up the RFID card reader so that each custodian be issued with an RFID card/disc/medallion and use this to identify themselves to the cabinet. Neat!


Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Additional WUIDs - Employee ID and Card No
  • Nicer, more user friendly error messages on Departing workflow, in particular early collection of keys, late collection of keys, and bookings which have already been completed (Checked In)
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