How do I use the new Employee ID feature for recurring bookings?

Kurt Lingohr -


Some of our staff are allowed to take home cars each evening (custodians of private use cars). I know we can make a recurring booking for these drivers, but does this mean the driver needs to know a different Booking Number for each day's booking? This will be confusing and not user friendly!



As of version 1.21 of the firmware, a new feature has been included such that the custodian now no longer needs to use each day's unique booking number.

Custodians should make a recurring booking the same way they are doing now.

In the Driver Register, ensure the custodian (driver) has a value set in the 'Employee ID' field.

At the cabinet, tap Departing then enter the Employee ID. The cabinet will do an automatic lookup of the next booking for this driver.

Note the early collection time limit still applies, so the key can only be collected within 15 minutes of the booking start time.

Also note this feature (Employee ID) can be used for normal single non-recurring bookings also. Handy if the driver is standing at the cabinet and forgotten their booking number!

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