6.7 July 2016

Kurt Lingohr -

Release Status

  • released Sat 9th July (includes 6.6.* to all cloud servers - AUS, USA, UK; SSO cloud sites excepted)


Revamped Mobile Interface

This month we have released some updates to the mobile interface. The mobile interface is a smartphone 'friendly' version of the core booking functions, nicely laid out to suit a smartphone screen. This functionality is not the entire PoolCar system - just the core booking functions.

What's new in this release of the mobile interface is Checking Out and Checking In from your phone. 

This is beta so your feedback is most welcome.

Work continues in parallel on our native apps which will soon be available from the major app stores.


Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • Some customers using Pool Management were reporting cars would 'disappear' from the Asset Register. The issue was to do with gaps in the assignment date spans.
  • Pop-up booking form now has a larger font size, consistent with the rest of the theming.
  • Some customers using Pool Management were also reporting that upon login they were being redirected to the Campus Admin menu, instead of the Pool Manager menu.
  • Approval trigger page, if selecting a custom email address then the wrong radio button list item was being selected.


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