Upgrading to v6.6 and beyond

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The release of version 6.6 introduced a number of new runtime libraries and some folder structural changes.

Enterprise customers will need to make some one-off changes to their installations to accept version 6.6+.

This article describes the steps necessary to upgrade to version 6.6+


1. Web.Config Changes

In notepad or a similar editor, open {approot}\web.config 

Near the top of the file, add this text to the <configuration> appSettings> section:

    <add key="owin:AutomaticAppStartup" value="false" />

Add this text underneath the </system.web> line:

    <location path="UploadedFiles/Anon">
<allow users="*" />

Save the file and exit the editor.


2. Move the logo file

Create a new folder called "Anon" underneath the UploadedFiles folder:

mkdir {approot}\UploadedFiles\Anon

Copy the logo file(s) to this new folder:

move {approot}\UploadedFiles\*-clientlogo*.* {approot}\UploadedFiles\Anon


3. Download the release

Normally you would pull down versions from our repository. For this upgrade, as a one-off, you will need to download a zip file of the application.

First take a backup of the entire {approot} folder as a roll-back if required.

In a browser, go to the download URL. Please contact support for the URL (omitted here for security reasons).

Unzip the file into the {approot} folder. OK to overwrite. Logo files and the web.config are NOT included with the zip, so your local files will not be overwritten.

In IIS Manager, restart the Application Pool.


4. Test

This concludes the upgrade. Please open the application in a web browser and when logged in as a System Admin, ensure you see the latest version number in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.








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