Assigning Pool Administrators Using the Pool Management Suite

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The Pool Management suite provides two additional roles; Pool Manager and Pool Officer, for administering bookings, check-in/check-out, and other functions for your pool's assets.


So, what's the difference?

Before you assign a user as an administrator of a pool it's worth noting the differences between these roles.

Pool Managers are the Masters of their Domain, typically they manage the fleet at a site (or sites) - taking the load off the System Administrator.

Pool Managers have access to the following operations for all the assets in their assigned pool(s):

  • Check In/Out
  • In/Out Board
  • Approval Triggers*
  • Bulk Import Bookings
  • Booking Search
  • Provisional Bookings
  • Incident/Damage register
  • Infringement notice register
  • Servicing register

* Access to Approval Triggers can be removed from Pool Managers via SysAdmin Application Settings.

Whereas Pool Officers are a rung down the ladder, they can make bookings and record when keys are handed out or returned (checked out or checked in). This role is often given to receptionists or security clerks.

Pool Officers have access to the following operations for assets in their assigned pool(s)*:

  • Check In/Out
  • In/Out Board

* Incidentally, these are the same functions afforded to a Kiosk PC. If you would like to allow your staff to check their own bookings in or out, you can set up a Kiosk in your lobby or car park. Read about Kiosk mode in the Check In/Out article.


Assigning a user to a Pool Administrator role

To assign a user to a pool, click on the Add Administrator button on the Manage Pool Administrators page (SysAdmin Main Menu).

In the Assign User to a Pool pop-up window, type in a PoolCar users name (the system will auto-fill the full username) in the Add User field, select from the pool drop-down list, the pool you wish to assign them to, and select the desired role from the as: drop-down list. You also have the option to give a date range the user will have the role (ideal if you want to delegate a task to a user while another user is on leave).
Click the Assign button. 

The user, Bob Smith is now a Pool Manager for the test pool.


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    Steven Scott

    Please note, the Custodian function is not currently working as described here. Our Development Team are working on a resolution.

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    Patrick Van Rinsvelt

    Is this Custodian functionality now available?

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    Patrick Van Rinsvelt

    Hey David - is the custodian functionality in play now? Also need to chat about different admin functions and serviceability checks

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