6.9 September 2016

Kurt Lingohr -

Release status: 6.9.0 Released

Mobile Functionality

The mobile version of the system has been upgraded. In particular users can now Check In and Check Out directly from their phones.

For customers who have requested GPS/Telematics integration, when commencing a new journey drivers can reveal the car's (parked) location on a map, avoiding the time waster of trying to find which parking bay the car is located.


Self-Driver versus Driver Required

We are currently piloting a solution for countries where it is common for vehicles to have a driver. This new (optional) workflow sees a person make a booking for a vehicle, then the Pool Manager assigns a driver to that booking. The original request then becomes a passenger in the car. More to come at a later stage!


SMS Receipts

We are also currently piloting a new way for stakeholders to receive booking receipts, sent as SMS/TXT messages in addition to email. This is part of the 'Driver Required' pilot (above) where the drivers and pool managers do not have access to smart phones.


Telematics Data Integration

We now support integration to MIX Telematics devices. The list of supported 3rd party Telematics providers are now MIX, Procon MRM and our own Telematics platform (more details coming soon).


Australian Driver Licence Types

Code has now been added so that selecting a heavier class of driver licence, say Light Rigid, also makes eligible the lesser category vehicles, i.e. Car. Australian customers now have their users select the correct class of licence.


Enhancements and Fixes

  • The label "Cost Centre" is now customisable via an Application Setting. You can rename this label to what ever you please! The default is Cost Centre.
  • Added extra database indexes to improve performance
  • FBT Report was incorrectly using the Purchase Price field as the basis of FBT calculations. Report now uses the FBT Value field. (FBT is an Australian Fringe Benefits Tax).
  • Application Settings now offers the system admins some minor Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) overrides, say, to change system colours or font sizes. Please submit a ticket for more information if this appeals to you!
  • Custom Fields now have a new optional Help Text Bubble field. i.e. you can add custom text to a custom field that will display when the user hovers their mouse over the question mark icon.
  • Servicing Status of "Soon" was defined as the current odometer being within 250 Kms of the Next Servicing Odometer value. Ideal for city customers but not so ideal for rural customers with large distances to travel. This value of 250 is now customisable from the AppSettings page.
  • On the pop-up booking form, there is now help bubble text next to the Cost Centre and Project Code (if used) fields. As the field is a text box with type-ahead, some users were not sure how to use this field.
  • A Booking Update email was not being triggered if the user changed the value of a custom field on the booking form.
  • Toll Statement Uploader now supports for QLD (Go Via)
  • Improved the formatting of the Servicing History pop-up window.
  • If the Servicing Status robot is disabled, then the Servicing column of the Vehicle Register is also hidden. Ideal if you are not using PoolCar to manage servicing.
  • Bug fix where the In/Out Board shows the incorrect next booking if the current booking was running over the top of the next upcoming booking (i.e. running late, not yet checked back in).
  • Bug fix, Registration Expiry date (day) was showing days 1-12 instead of 1-31.
  • Better handling of Uploading Cost Centre data.


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