How can I correct errant odometer readings?

Steven Scott -

When checking in a pool car, let’s say the ending odometer in is meant to be 32000 but mistakenly we enter 42000.

Next time we try to check in the same pool car with the odometer reading, 32050 the system complains “The ending odometer value 32050 is less than what we already have on file (42000). Please check the odometer value and try again."

  1. Go to your Asset Register and edit the vehicle with the wrong odo.
    1. If you are not using Pool Management, you will need to visit the Details page of the vehicle via the Vehicle Register
  2. Click on the Odo Readings tab to see historical readings. 
  3. Click on the reading you want removed - the system highlights suspected errant readings in bold red text but you can delete any reading.
  4. Click OK if you are sure this is the reading you want to delete.
  5. You can add the correct odo reading for the date of the journey using Add a reading




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