I've searched the Help Centre but can't find what I'm looking for. How do I get help?

Steven Scott -

If you haven't found the information you want from a search of the PoolCar Help Centre then please contact the PoolCar Support Team.

You can email help@poolcar.com or submit a request to the PoolCar help desk by clicking the Submit a request link - next to the user badge on the black bar at the top of the Help Centre page. Remember to sign in first.

Here you type a Subject for your request - a few meaningful words about the request. A Description - any relevant information about the request: time of the incident, booking number, vehicle registration, user name, etc. Please keep it clear and concise so the help desk people don't have to second guess what you're talking about

Then select the type of request:

  • Question - How do I...? Can PoolCar do...? etc.
  • Incident - Typically a problem you have reported before but has occurred again.
  • Problem - A new problem.
  • Task - We don't use this much but it can be used to set a task to happen on a specified date.

Select the priority:

  • Low - for questions. Help desk will respond when other higher priority requests have been answered (up to 5-10 days).
  • Normal - for problems where users are still able to access the application but a function is not working normally. Help desk will respond within 1 to 2 days.
  • High - users are not able to use some critical functions. ie. The Booking page does not load. Help desk will respond within 1-2 hours*.
  • Urgent - The whole system is inoperable. All (or the majority of) users cannot use the system. Help desk will respond within 30 minutes *. 

* Please follow up High or Urgent priority requests by calling +61 35906 5252 to confirm we are aware of the situation. 

Note: PoolCar Support staff may change the priority if they feel it does not reflect the true urgency of the request.

Add attachments.  They say, a picture is worth a 1000 words, and we couldn't agree more.  We love screen shots. Hit that PrtScn button, or pull up Snipping Tool or what-have-you and send them through.

Click the Submit button. You will receive an email acknowledging the request. This email also contains a ticket number as a reference. The PoolCar Support guys will manage this ticket and respond in accordance to the priority.

If you want to check the status of your ticket or search your past requests, please read the Where can I see the support requests I have submitted? article.





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