Where can I see the support requests I have submitted?

Steven Scott -

So you have submitted a bunch of requests to the PoolCar support guys and want to know where they all are.

Maybe you remember having a particular problem they helped you with a couple of weeks ago and want to find that ticket because you don't want to feel silly asking the same thing again. Or, maybe you submitted a request a couple of days ago and haven't seen a response in your email inbox and want to check the status.

This can all be done from My activities.

  1. Sign in to PoolCar Help Centre
  2. On the user badge - in the top right hand corner of the Help Centre page - click on the little v shaped icon.
  3. Select My activities
  4. Here you will see all your requests.
  5. You can filter them by their status; Any, Open, Awaiting your reply or Solved.
  6. You can also search through your requests by typing in a keyword in the Search requests box.
  7. Or even just see the requests other people have copied you on by clicking Requests I'm CC'd on.


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