Add a vehicle using the Pool Management Suite

Steven Scott -

If your site is using the new Pool Management Suite you will need to assign vehicles (or assets) to Pools. This article explains the process.

Note: Skip to step 4 if you have used the Bulk Fleet Import tool to upload the vehicles.

1. Open the Vehicle Register from the Main Menu.

2. Click on the Add Bookable Asset button.

3. Fill out the details; registration number, make/model, cost centre, service intervals, etc.



4. Assign the incoming vehicle to a pool.

  • Open the Asset Register. Located on the Main Menu, under the Pool Management heading.
  • Select – Unassigned – from the drop down list.
  • Find the incoming vehicle and click on Assign.
  • Select the pool and click the Assign button.


Your vehicle is now added to the Asset Register and assigned to a pool.



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