Transfer Registration Plates to Another Vehicle

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If you have “personalised” plates that you want to move over from a well-loved vehicle to a shiny new one, you will need to decommission the current vehicle before you can start using the new one with those plates. Simply changing over the registration will likely cause problems, eg. if your organisation is tracking distances with driver odometer prompts then the readings from the new car will probably be considerably less than the old one. If the system is set up to check the distance range, then the drivers won’t be able to enter the odometer reading at check-out or check-in.

The correct procedure is as follows (or click here for a less wordy version):

1. Sign in as SysAdmin.
2. Open the Main Menu.
3. Select Change Rego from under the Utilities banner.
4. Type in the registration you are changing in the Old registration text field. Type in a temporary name in the New registration text field. Leave today’s date in the Date of change over if you’re doing the changeover right now, otherwise enter a future date you will be doing the changeover on.

5. Press Preview and confirm your changes are correct.

6. Press Save.

Note: At this point, bookings will be using the new registration. So, for the example below, the Booking Calendar would show a column for OLDMYPLATES and no longer show MYPLATES.


5. In the Vehicle Register you can now add a new vehicle, using the plates you are keeping for the registration. Fill out the vehicle’s relevant information; cost centre, vehicle name, contacts, etc. and save it.

Pool Management Suite users: Use the Bookable Asset Register to add the new vehicle. Click here to find out how.


At this point we have an outgoing vehicle and an incoming vehicle:

6. We now need to transfer any bookings for the outgoing vehicle over to the incoming vehicle. Go to the Main Menu and select Transfer Bookings from under the Bookings banner.

7. For From registration, enter the temporary registration you used in Step 4. So, for our example: OLDMYPLATES.

For To registration, enter the registration you are keeping on the new car. For our example: MYPLATES.

If you’re doing the changeover right now, set today’s date as the From date. Use a future date of the changeover if you’re doing it on another day. Make it the same as the changeover date in Step 4.

Set To date as far ahead as to cover all future bookings.
Place a tick in the box if you want to send out emails. This probably isn’t necessary since the plates are the same.

Press Transfer Bookings and, assuming everything goes right, you will see a green banner announcing the bookings were transferred.

8. Check the bookings and confirm the incoming vehicle has the outgoing vehicles bookings:


9. If you’re satisfied the incoming vehicle is set up correctly, you can archive the outgoing one.
Return to the Vehicle Register, locate the outgoing vehicle and click Archive.




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