How do I package a KeyMaster cabinet to return to base for repair?

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While we do everything we can to make sure our KeyMaster key cabinets are manufactured to a high standard, problems can still occur. As part of our warranty we offer a Return-to-Base service for KeyMaster cabinets that the support team have deemed to have a warranty covered fault.

In the event where your KeyMaster key cabinet is to be returned for repair we will ask you to package the unit in its original packaging (including the foam) and a courier service will be arranged to collect it. Don't stress if you no longer have the packaging, just let us know and we will send it to you. The transport costs are covered by us under the warranty period.


The following is a guide to help you securely pack your KeyMaster:

1. Power off the KeyMaster using the in-line power switch (if fitted) and unplug the mains power and Ethernet cable.

2. To prevent sparking or shorting during transit you must unplug and secure the positive (red) power cable from the UPS battery.

2a. Remove the screws from the UPS battery cover.

2b. IMPORTANT: Unplug the positive (red) power cable from the battery. Protect against accidental shorting of the battery by covering the positive battery terminal with either the supplied plastic terminal cover (preferred), or if this has been misplaced, use some electrical tape to cover the battery terminal.

2c. IMPORTANT: Feed the positive power cable up and on top of the shelf above the battery. Secure it with tape to the shelf, ensuring the terminal (plug) is fully covered by its rubber insulator. Please also cover the (now) bare battery terminal with some tape, ideally electrical or duct tape.

2d. Return the UPS battery cover and replace the screws.

3. Unlock the front door with the key and make sure it doesn't close. Attach the keys to the top mounting hole in the back of the cabinet using a cable tie, rubber band or wire. As shown below.

4. Ensuring the door is kept open, carefully place the cabinet into the box, fitting it neatly into the foam. The back of the unit should be resting on the foam with the flat surface.

5. In the empty carton we sent you we included some red foam strips. These are to be wedged in either side of the inner door so that the inner door does not bounce in transit. This is important because the inner door is held in place with spring-loaded pins, and should the cabinet bounce or be dropped, it is highly likely these spring-loaded pins will release, allowing the inner door to freely move about inside the cabinet causing major damage.

Please note this step is not optional. Failure to adequately prevent the inner door from moving may result in a forfeit of your warranty and/or a bill for repairs.

6. Place two thin foam strips per the picture below. Shortly we will close the external door and these foam pads are to prevent damage in transit where the external door makes contact with the side panel. You may have gathered that these cabinets can be bashed around a fair bit!

With the foam strips in place, carefully close the external door. Do not let it drop! Ensure the door rests nicely on the foam pads and they are clear of the lock.

The idea is to prevent the stainless steel rim making contact with the white enamel side panel. Should the carton be dropped or take a blow then the inner tabs can be bent out of shape and unsightly scratches to the paint work. 

7. Place the top half of the polystyrene over the unit, ensuring the moulded channels fit over the door lock.

8. Close up the box and tape it shut. Press down on the flaps to ensure a snug fit, then run a strip of tape per number "1" in the photo below. Use a good quality tape and ensure that the carton will not break or open during transit. We recommend taping like this:

9. Advise PoolCar Support the box is ready to be collected. Call +61 3 5906 5252 or email and let us know (a) what time the carton can be collected from, and (b) the office closing hours.

We will organise a courier for collection and email you you a consignment note. Please print and attach top of the box. We also recommend marking the shipping label with the word "HEAVY" in big print.


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