How do I move a key to a different slot?

David Norton -

You may find yourself needing to change the slot a key belongs to, in the instance of the slot no longer working, or with a preference to have keys all on bottom row (for easy access). 

You can easily make the change for each key using the following process:

1. Open the Settings menu on your Keymaster Cabinet and enter the Keys menu.

2. Select the Move key to another slot option. 

3. Tap the Select button for the key to be moved. 


4. The Select button chosen will now be grayed out and all other unused buttons will be valid to tap. Tap the unused key slot to for the key to be bonded to.


5. Confirm that the key is to be moved slot. Once confirmed the system will walk you through the process of moving the key physically. 


    1. Firstly you will need to open the door, and once remove the key from the highlighted (in green) slot.
    2. Once removed a different slot will highlight (in green) and you will need insert the key into that slot.
    3. The cabinet will ask you to close the door and that's it. The key is now in the new slot.
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