8.3 March 2018

Kurt Lingohr -

Deployed to most servers

Welcome to 2018!

Welcome to our first release for 2018.

Our last official update was Nov 2017 but rest assured a lot has been happening behind the scenes.

As this is our 8th year it should come as no surprise that the volume and frequency of minor enhancements and fixes has slowed considerably as the PoolCar system has matured. So now our attention turns to larger enhancements and new features that build upon our platform. These will be gradually rolled out throughout 2018, exciting times ahead.


New Website

We have launched our new website, www.poolcar.com. Your comments and feedback appreciated!


Industry Participation

PoolCar will be exhibiting in April at the world's largest fleet conference, NAFA I&E, California.

We are also proud to announce our AFMA membership.


Driver Accreditation's

A new feature in version 8.3.1+ is Driver Accreditation's. This new feature lets you hide bookable assets from users and only show them if they have completed a training course, or attained a level of accreditation to use/operate the asset. For example, say it is company policy that all four-wheel drive vehicles (4WD) can only be used if the driver has done the training course. Or, the shiny new electric bicycles require all users to first complete a safety course. Click here for more details (link opens in a new window/tab).


Showing/Hiding Custom Fields on the Booking Calendar

For some time now, PoolCar has had the ability to display the values of any custom fields. This, however, was all or nothing. You either had to show all the fields, or none. 

In version 8.3.1 you can now show or hide individual fields. Click here for more details (link opens in a new window).


Late Return Alerts 

Business Hours

There is a new Application Setting now to disable late return alerts outside of business hours. For example, if a booking was late (overdue) Friday evening then alerts would be sent all weekend. Come Monday your inbox would be full of alerts ;) So now you can configure PoolCar to only generate alerts during business hours.

This is now the default setting, so if you do wish to continue to receive alerts irrespective of business hours, you will need to enable this on the Application Settings page.


Send to Whom?

You can also now specify who is to receive the alerts. The options are:

  • All System Admins (default)
  • Pool Managers for that Pool (if using pool management)
  • Contacts (i.e. Primary contact, secondary, etc. as listed on the Vehicle Register page in edit mode)



Summary of Enhancements and Fixes

  • Vehicle Register field "Instructions to User" has been extended from 255 characters to 1000 characters
  • Cost Centre code column added to the Leasing snapshot report
  • Driver Accreditation, v8.3.1.0
  • Show/Hide individual custom fields on the booking calendar, v8.3.1.0
  • Option to generate late return alerts during business hours only, v8.3.1.0
  • Option to send late return alerts to other roles, v8.3.1.0
  • New GoVia toll file format is now supported (QLD)
  • FBT Report By Booking includes three new additional columns - Purpose/Description, Driver Email and Driver Phone no, v8.3.1.2
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