8.4 April 2018

Kurt Lingohr -

Release Status: Limited Release

Multiple Reminders for Upcoming Bookings

For some time now, PoolCar has had the ability to send out a reminder to a driver for their upcoming booking. The reminder is a gentle nudge to cancel the booking if they no longer require it, thereby freeing up the car for other staff to use.

Version 8.4 takes this up a notch with the ability to trigger multiple reminders for the same booking. For example, you may wish to remind 14 days out from when the booking is due to commence, 7 days out and finally 2 days before.

The default is one reminder, 7 days out. This can of course be changed and there are now two additional values you can set via the Application Settings page.




Note: for the reminders to be actually sent, you must have the corresponding robot enabled.



New - CO2 Emissions Report

The System Admin menu now sports a new data-grid style report, the CO2 Emissions Report. This draws upon data from importing fuel cards and the CO2 rating for each vehicle.

Please note: previously the CO2 rating for each vehicle was recorded as CO2 per 100 Km. This is now CO2 Per 1Km. Please adjust your ratings accordingly to get the correct output on this new report. If you need help with this please do submit a ticket help@poolcar.com and we'll show you how.


New - Booking Buffers

You asked, its finally here! You can now specify a new Application Setting to force a buffer between bookings; buffer being the number of minutes. Default is zero which allows for back-to-back adjacent bookings.

For example, say Jane has a booking 10am to 12noon and you have specified a booking buffer of 30 minutes to allow for late returns, traffic, parking etc. The earliest someone could book this car is now 12:30pm, ie 12noon + 30 minute buffer. Previously someone could book the car from 12noon onwards, zero buffer.


Toll Statements - Added Trans Urban (QLD)

The list of compatible electronic road tolling statements has been expanded to include Trans Urban Queensland. Queensland formats are now Go Via and Trans Urban.


Summary of Enhancements and Fixes

  • Ticket #6778 duplicate records appearing in FBT Report
  • Home Campus field now appears in Driver Register
  • New feature, multiple booking reminders
  • Small accuracy fix for the Utilisation graph on Reports page
  • Database tuning for Bookings table
  • Added Booking Number column to Booking Search page for Site Admins
  • Added new report 'CO2 Emissions' available from Sysadmin menu.
  • Added buffer (minutes) for adjacent bookings
  • Added support for Trans Urban QLD toll statements


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