8.6 June 2018

Kurt Lingohr -

Release status: Limited release

Please note there was no official release for the month of May (skipped version 8.5).


Western Australia Government

We are very excited to announce that the Government of Western Australia (WA) has selected PoolCar as the sole supplier of Vehicle Booking Systems to its fleet of approximately 9,000 vehicles. PoolCar was selected via a public tender process.

This is a huge win for the PoolCar team and we couldn't be more excited at the prospect of working with WA Government entities and related bodies over the coming years.

No doubt such a large scale exposure to the workings of Government agencies will result in further enhancements and improvements to the PoolCar technologies.


Summary of Enhancements and Fixes

  • We've created a customisable email template for the email that is sent to a user when a booking is Approved.
  • Also created a customisable template for when a passenger seat request is Approved.
  • Share a Ride - new Application setting that skips the approve/decline email process. With this setting enabled, all Share a Ride seat requests are automatically approved.
  • Driver Accreditation - new Application setting that can send an email to the driver if the System Administrators have assigned an accreditation type to the driver. e.g. you're now accredited to use the electric bikes..
  • Driver Accreditation Register - added new filter type of "none" to show all drivers who do not have any accreditation's assigned to them.
  • There has existed for a while an Application Setting to send an email alert to all System Administrators when a user completes the Welcome page. A new Application setting has been created to allow you to send this alert to all System Administrators (default) or just one single specific email address. This email address could itself be a distribution list.
  • Fix ticket 7841 - bug fix where cancellation emails were not being sent to passengers.
  • Keyless entry - bug fix where some users were seeing an error message "NULL". Also added disabling of buttons once clicked to prevent multiple clicking. Button is re-enabled after the lock/unlock step is completed or timed out. 
  • Fix ticket 8306 - bug fix for overflow exception when passenger is removed from a booking. 
  • New feature, send email notifications to vehicle custodians when a booking is cancelled if they have opted to be notified.
  • Fix ticket 8503 - bug fix for encrypting driver details multiple times when encryption is enabled.
  • Fix for Passenger approval emails not being sent.
  • Add EmployeeID of Driver in Internal Charging Report.
  • Access group assignment in Explicit mode can now be hidden to users but not SysAdmins.
  • Access Card facility code can be made hidden.
  • Add support for Eastlink toll import.
  • Fix for Overdue Booking alerts to Pool Managers.
  • Fix for auto cancellation of non "Staff Use" bookings with KeyMaster cabinet.
  • Fix for Sysadmin able to make bookings for Drivers with expired license.
  • SMS with Nexmo gateway made more secure with TLS 1.2
  • Customer specific fix for ADFS Claims
  • New feature, export passenger run sheet to excel.
  • Fix Tickets 8705, 8696, 8572 - Support email id with Apostrophes
  • Fix for asset register not able to export hidden vehicles
  • Add feature - Colour code the bookings based on Rolln door lock and unlock states 
  • Fix Ticket 8730 - Cannot book on behalf of expiring soon driver
  • Add support for emails with long domain names
  • New feature - In-Out board status change can be disabled
  • Add support for FleetComplete GPS devices
  • Fix for Pool Officer been able to book unregistered driver
  • Fix for users not able to book for non-user driver
  • Improvement to response from varying licence status when booking on behalf of another driver
  • Fix for Cost Center not saving when adding in vehicle register
  • Improvements to Sorting by utilization
  • Fix for Campus Admin not being able to enter license number when adding new driver
  • Fix Ticket 8774 - Driver details been remembered when remember tick box is hidden



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    Patrick Van Rinsvelt

    Hey folks - is this now a full release now rolled up into 8.8. Yes, I do read the release notes and the business is starting to as well as we improve the service more.

  • Avatar
    David Norton

    Morning Patrick - correct - 8.8 is a cumulative release that includes all of 8.6's improvements.

  • Avatar
    Patrick Van Rinsvelt

    Thanks David. I see the Campus has been added to the Driver Register. Thanks!

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