8.9 September 2018

Febin Joy -

Release Status: Deployed to majority of sites
Summary of Enhancements and Fixes
  • Add feature - Replacement Report and relevant fields to fleet registers
  • Add feature - User can now filter by Registration Number in Expenses page
  • Add feature - Users can now store Disposal price using Asset Register or Vehicle Register
  • Add feature - Asset Details page (usually found via the Asset Register) can now be found via the Details link on the Vehicle Register
  • Add feature - Configure threshold for Rego renewal reminder robot
  • Add feature - Default values for advanced search options can now be configured by PoolCar staff - if you'd like this done, please send a ticket to help@poolcar.com
  • Add feature - Default pool selection based on home site/campus selected in Welcome page can now be turned on, if you'd like this enabled please send a ticket to help@poolcar.com
  • Fixed infinite loop of web redirects for SSO customers due to site admin role been given to users even when Pool Management is enabled
  • Fix for Rego renewal reminder robot now sends emails
  • Removed deprecated SMS provider
  • Hide sensitive support links unless in SysAdmin role in an effort to reduce first-level support tickets sent to PoolCar help desk
  • Fixed export of Pool Administrators page - file should now be downloaded
  • Fixed recurring bookings not linking together when first recurring booking wasn't created due to conflicting bookings
  • Fix for #7054, 8532 - Additional checks for corrupted user profile limiting access to New Booking calendar
  • Fix for #8171/8861 - Approval email is now sent for recurring bookings where final booking wasn't created (due to max length or conflicting booking)
  • Fix for #8914 - Vehicle Admin3's preference for booking creation/update/cancellation receipts no longer based on Admin4's preference
  • Fix for #8916 - Improved car location on map URL to reduce issue with iOS Google Maps app
  • Fix for #8900 - Booking type no longer updated for general users if previously set by an admin
  • Fix - Returned default issue report recipients to vehicle contacts
  • Fix for #8929 - Fleet Complete Telematics robot ignores bookings with odometer start and odometer end that have been entered.
  • Add feature - Priority claims without Approval Trigger
  • Improvements to PassengerRunSheet
  • Employee ID label made customizable on Manage Users page for Pool Management
  • Add feature - Cancelled Booking Search
  • Add Feature - Insurance Register, Claim management and Claims report
  • Add feature - Customize default value for Priority Claims needs approval
  • Pool Names are now displayed in Booking Search
  • Fix for #8955 - Passengers removed when seat request is cancelled when no approval is required
  • Fixed CO2 report header not updating date
  • Fixed issue of email radio not getting checked when user clicks email textbox
  • Add feature - Add Pool-based checks for reallocation of bookings
  • Fixed updating of email address in Manage Users page
  • Utilization report now allows the business hours to be any time during the day
  • Pool Managers can now open booking form for past bookings.
  • Fix for #9063 - Resolved missing booking records in Booking Search for selected sites
  • Fixed issue with Internal Charging Report
  • Add "Ending Odometer" field to CSV exported from Run sheet
  • Fixed issue with Pool Manager not been able to extend booking while having another booking
  • Fix for #7947 - Booking cannot be cancelled by User when In progress
  • Fixed issue of Duplicate entries in Booking Search
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