8.10 October 2018

Febin Joy -

Release Status: Limited Release
Summary of Enhancements and Fixes
  • Fix for #9140 - Singular recurring bookings were not sending approval emails
  • Add feature - Rego is added to in-out toggle audit record
  • Improvements made in Web Services
  • Add feature - Field AssetNo is now added to Vehicle Register and Asset Register
  • Add feature - Field AssetNo is now added to Calendar Header Fields
  • Improvement in Check InOut page - Order Pools list by name
  • Driver TBA in legend in Calendar is no longer shown
  • Add QFleet toll attributes, and toll/penalty/fuel to rejournal process
  • Fix for #9363 - Vehicles not being shown on week-month view due to usage scope been empty in user profile
  • Add Traccar to View Vehicle on Map
  • Use HTTPS in Welcome email when set to ForceSSL
  • Add feature - Show Pool Name on Utilisation Report
  • Fix for #9564 Error sending email when updating passenger
  • Fix for #9543 Fix axis in reports and UI improvements
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