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Default Template

By default your template will be as per below, containing all the available fields.

Note: the text inside the [square brackets] is important. These are called placeholders. When a new user is created, and the booking receipt email generated, these placeholder fields are substituted with the actual details. It works on a search/replace basis, so if you change the [fields] then the search/replace function will not work.

You can add extra wording, or change the wording that is already there. You can even bold, underline, change colors, etc.

Placeholder fields can be removed if you do not wish to display this information. For example, if you do not wish to display the line for "Rego" then simply delete the entire line. You can remove placeholder fields but cannot edit the text inside the [ square brackets ].

Available Placeholders

This placeholders are available for the Servicing Reminder receipt email.

Servicing details:
Reason for Servicing Reminder: [Reason]
Servicing Status (Soon/Overdue): [ServicingStatus]
Last Service Date: [LastServiceDate]
Next Service Date: [NextServiceDate]
Servicing Regime (KMs): [ServicingRegimeKMs] KMs
Servicing Regime (Months): [ServicingRegimeMonths] months

Vehicle details:
Rego: [Rego]
Key No: [KeyNo]
Parking Location: [ParkingLocation]
Vehicle Name: [VehicleName]
Asset Number: [AssetNo]
Instructions to User: [Instructions]
Colour: [Colour]
Combo of Make, Model and Colour: [VehicleDescription]
VIN / Chassis No: [ChassisNo]
Body Type: [BodyType]
Cost Centre Code of vehicle: [VehicleCostCentre]
Project Code of vehicle: [VehicleProjectCode]

Campus Administrator (Non Dept-Use vehicles)

The text within [NonDeptUse] and [/NonDeptUse] is shown when a vehicle has the usage scope / exclusivity of 'RLV' or 'NON DEPT USE'.

The text within [DeptUse] and [/DeptUse] is shown when a vehicle does not have the usage scope / exclusivity of 'RLV' or 'NON DEPT USE'.

Here is the default template. In case you make a mess whilst editing your template, you can copy/paste this default template below.

PasteAsText.gifTip: in the editor, don't just paste the text into the editor box. Instead use the 'Paste as Text' icon to avoid funky formatting issues.



This is an automated email to remind you that servicing is required for vehicle:
Rego: [Rego]
Vehicle: [VehicleDescription]
Servicing Reason: [Reason]
Status: [ServicingStatus]

Please check with the dealer/mechanic to see what times they have available, and check those times against the vehicle's availability (using the vehicle availability calendar).
Please book the vehicle in for a service at your earliest convenience. Once serviced, please reply to this email with the following details:
* Date of Service
* Odometer reading
* Cost
* Name of dealer/mechanic who serviced the vehicle

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