9.5 May 2019

Febin Joy -

Release Status: Deployed to majority of sites

This is a cumulative release of all changes released in official release version 9.4 (Refer 9.4 release notes here) along with the features and improvements listed below.

Summary of Enhancements and Fixes

  • Additional columns added to Utilisation report - "Total Passengers", "Avail. Seats" and "Passenger Util (%)".
  • Improved security by preventing CSRF/XSRF attacks.
  • Fix for #10348: Issue in parsing date (to display overdue booking cut off) when user's current language/culture is different from that of the website.
  • Fix for #10407 - Update label for CO2 rating - should be per 1 km not per 100 km.
  • Bug fix - Check Out/In page has details cut off when vehicle name / Rego is too long
  • New Feature : Hide custom booking form fields on Share a Ride page unless they are visible on the calendar
  • Fix for #10421 - Resolved issue where users could cancel checked out booking in specific circumstance (even with app setting turned off)
  • Fix for #10393 - Overdue bookings would appear when the calendar was set to future dates
  • Fixed missing API call for overdue bookings been shown
  • Fixed incorrect error message when Cost Centre is not entered in booking form and is required
  • Fix for #10119 - Updated wording on Vehicle bulk import page
  • Fix for #10028 - Update wording for Odometer Readings page
  • New feature : Added app setting to allow user to change pick up date time when reservation start has been passed but it's not checked out yet.
  • New Feature: The question "Which group(s) do you belong to?" to get the AccessGroup of a driver on Welcome Page is now configurable.
  • Resend Welcome Email will now generate a new password and set it for the user.
  • Mix Telematics location on Telematics Tab is re-enabled.
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