9.6 June 2019

Febin Joy -

Release Status: Deployed to majority of sites

This is a cumulative release of all changes released in official release version 9.5 (Refer 9.5 release notes here) along with the features and improvements listed below.

Summary of Enhancements and Fixes

  • Feature - Allow users to filter by Rego on the Booking Calendar.
  • Feature - Improved retrieval of values from SSO. Can now retrieve through ADFS/SAML EmployeeID, Project Code, Licence Details and more.
  • Fix for #10660 - Department is not saved on Booking Form when Custom Field contains '&'.
  • Fix - Leading spaces in CustomField drop down values in Approval Triggers page.
  • Fix - Resolve issue with Share a Ride page crashing for SSO customer without driver records.
  • Fix - Force update of licence visibility on Welcome page on page load (for when -No Licence- is default)
  • Fix for #10660 - Car Location on Map option in email template now correctly requests a 'map' from the API
  • Performance improvement on Booking Calendar, In Out Board, Check Out/In Page, Internal Charging Report and Mobile Main Menu.
  • Fix for #10765 - Toll charges no longer linked to cancelled booking when non-cancelled booking exists.
  • Fix for #10815 Empty Cost Centre Code Not Populating from SSO.
  • Licence fields are not prompted when "No Licence" is selected in Driver Details page.
  • Fix for #10805: Driver could not retrieve booking from cabinet.
  • Fix for #10829 - SiteAdmin can book far into future under Pool Management.
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