9.7 July 2019

Febin Joy -

Release Status: Deployed to majority of sites

This is a cumulative release of all changes released in official release version 9.6 (Refer 9.6 release notes here) along with the features and improvements listed below.

Summary of Enhancements

  • Auto assign vehicle to drivers. Drivers are assigned vehicles (instead of choosing a vehicle from booking calendar) based on search criteria. System Admins are still able to book directly via calendar.
  • User defined CSS style sheet is now supported - contact PoolCar support to enable this feature.
  • Users can now change Distance Unit of Measure for Keymaster v2 and v3 cabinets from within PoolCar.
  • Performance of Week View and Month View improved.
  • Odometer reading of Keyless or Teltonika devices can now be updated from PoolCar via the ODO Readings tab.
  • Auto re-allocate bookings if previous booking is running late with an email alert to the booking holder confirming the change
  • Share a Ride is now made an option in the main menu and new booking calendar if the application setting - "Hide the 'Share a Ride' bar on Availability Search page" is set to "No"
  • System Admins can now hide the Telematics tab from general users
  • System Admins can reinstate a cancelled booking if it does not clash with any existing bookings using the Cancelled Booking Search page
  • New reports - Pool utilisation by month, day of the week and hour will help system admins to analyse the pool utilisation better. These reports are available based on both booking data as well as actual usage(check in/out)

Summary of Fixes

  • Recurring bookings were bypassing the 'vehicles cannot be booked after' date (#7945)
  • Passenger manifest in SMS receipts no longer contains HTML code (#7999)
  • When an access card number is updated for a Driver bookings on Keymaster cabinets and Rolln keyless entry devices are now updated as well (#10338)
  • Verified By Username field was not getting updated when the Driver's licence status field was updated via the Driver Register (#10749)
  • Resolved issue with select ADFS users not been able to sign in via their SSO log in page (#10787)
  • Resolved issue with select customers where max booking duration greater than 450 would cause a fatal crash on Booking Form (#10883)
  • Resolved crash caused by anonymized booking data on a priority claim.
  • Resolved empty list of custom fields causing crash on calendar page.
  • Resolved issue with decoding of access group name in Asset/Vehicle Register
  • Resolved decrypting issue for Cancelled By field in Cancelled Booking Search
  • After making a booking for another driver, the user will no longer see that driver's Historical Bookings (#10927).
  • System Message prompt will not reappear when username contains backslash (#8046).
  • General users can now extend checked out bookings on mobile site (#8784).
  • When the driver of a booking is changed by an admin, the current driver will also receive the booking update email.
  • Access card number will now be populated for SSO customer with pre loaded access cards.
  • Archived vehicles will no longer appear on Upcoming Registration Renewals report (#10413).
  • Resolved issue with CSRF check in Check Out/In page (#10878)
  • Asset assigned to Pool on the current day will now use the current time instead of midnight as 'Assigned From' time, which prevents the Pool overlap between old and new pools
  • Bookings that are longer than 7 days are now being sent to keyless device (#10946)
  • Share a Ride link is more prominent when the width of the New Booking calendar is wider than the user's screen (#7092)
  • Fixed typos in GUI (#9113)
  • Pool Officers are also restricted (like System Admins, Pool Managers and Campus Admins) from changing In/Out status of vehicles if it is disabled
  • Issue of not redirecting general users to My Bookings page or New Booking Calendar based on the App Setting is now fixed
  • System Admins are now able to choose the odometer reading time along with the date when adding odo readings using Asset Details tab. This will resolve the issue of using midnight as default time (#7081)
  • HTML encoded strings are properly shown in Utilisation Reports and Log Book (#11095)
  • When campus admin updates driver details, driver licence number will not be erased (#11153)
  • Error message "Error updating PoolCar Device Odometer" will not be shown in Odo readings tab when odometer is updated.
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