9.9 September 2019

Febin Joy -

Release Status: Deployed to majority of sites

This is a cumulative release of all changes released in official release version 9.8 (Refer 9.8 release notes here) along with the features and improvements listed below.

Summary of Enhancements

  • Add assignment status (current/future) as a column in the Asset Register
  • Admin users can now choose to force maintenance bookings to not use booking check out / in colours
  • System administrators can now view and export the last expense date for each vehicle by expense type. Expense types can be chosen for this and future reports using the Expense Types page, by default all expenses are shown
  • Driver details can now updated on each sign in for SSO integrated customers - please ask Smartrak Support via help@poolcar.com for assistance

Summary of Fixes

  • Hide completed checkbox will not be automatically checked when the date is changed in Check In/Out page
  • Assets assigned to Pools with a future date will also appear in the list for that pool (#6664)
  • Pool assignments will use the selected date as start date instead of using current date (default value in case of error) when user's profile language is "EN-US"
  • Asset Register will show odo reading dates in the Profile format (U.S/Aus/EU) of user in the vehicle's timezone instead of the client browser's timezone format (#10118, #11005)
  • Asset Register can now handle Access Group assignments with commas in the access group's name (#10958)
  • Admins are forced to transfer all the future bookings (If they exist) before setting "Cannot Be Booked After Date" in the Asset Register
  • Logbook report will now show the correct headings for distance travelled, private distance and business distance based on the AppSetting - Distance unit of measure(#11376)
  • Drop down lists in Asset Details page no longer rely on case sensitivity (to allow incorrect cases imported using bulk uploader) (#11100)
  • Tab index added to sign in page controls (#7193)
  • Vehicle register export will no longer have misaligned columns in CSV due to commas in free text fields (#11558)
  • Overdue bookings from the past will no longer appear in calendar when looking at weeks/months in the future (#11548/#11561)
  • Overdue bookings from the past will not appear in Check Out/In page when set to a future date (#11522)
  • Booking Type is not reset to Staff Use when the booking is updated by a Pool Officer
  • Users won't be able to make booking for a vehicle using the mobile site at the same time as when the vehicle is already out  (#11381)
  • Create Booking API will now accept blank description if the app setting - Hide purpose/destination field is set to true
  • Keymaster v3 voltage if not available is shown as "N/A" instead of "-1"
  • In Asset Details page, the text "charges may apply" is no longer shown for Rolln or Keyless devices
  • Booking form UI will correctly reflect the date change in recurring booking values while creating a recurring booking
  • Booking form Title will now get updated when the booking date is changed while creating a new booking
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