9.10 October 2019

Febin Joy -

Release Status: Deployed to majority of sites

This is a cumulative release of all changes released in official release version 9.9 (Refer 9.9 release notes here) along with the features and improvements listed below.

Summary of Enhancements

  • Add new API to force the sync of current/future bookings to Keyless
  • When a booking with passengers are dragged and dropped in the calendar, the system will no longer allow moving the booking if there is not enough seats for existing passengers
  • Leading zeroes (if any) are now preserved when reports are exported (e.g. Internal Charging Report - EmployeeID)
  • The domain name in the welcome email is now customizable (Contact Smartrak support for assistance)
  • A new button to move to the current date/week/month is added to the calendars (in Day/Week/Month Views)
  • Vehicle import template is updated with optional/required field labels
  • Expense (Last Date) Report can now be filtered based on vehicle archived status and contains a new field - Pool Name
  • Updated the "How It Works" Keymaster URL
  • System message character limit is increased significantly from previous limit of 500 characters.
  • PoolCar now stores the cancellation reason (for bookings cancelled by admins) and displays the same in  the Cancelled Booking Search page (#9097)
  • System Admins can now create charge out rate based on Pools (#7766)
  • New column "Reporting Period" added to Emissions report to hope highlight vehicles that were not in PoolCar at the report start date
  • Serviceability Check register now validates rego before adding a new check

Summary of Fixes

  • The booking colors will not be reset to default values when the booking is dragged and dropped in the calendar
  • Seats counter will be updated when a booking is dragged and dropped onto a different vehicle in the New Booking calendar
  • Help with colors link is no longer shown to general users (#8785)
  • Pool Manager's Servicing History pop-up now has a built-in close button [x]
  • Returned Early prompt will no longer be visible to driver if the "Returned Early" feature is disabled
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