How to link a GPS tracker to PoolCar

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This help article explains the process of linking an FM3001 (OBD-II) GPS tracker hosted in the PoolCar GPS platform. 

These trackers are linked by the 'REGO' at the start of the device name and the IMEI of the tracker.

Link the GPS device via PoolCar

To link the two devices we will need to provide the rego + IMEI of the device in the Assign GPS Device page found under Utilities. If you can't find this page please contact our help desk to have it enabled. 


1. Start entering the rego and select it from the list.

Only bookable vehicles will appear in the list - if it doesn't appear (due to been hidden or archived) simply enter the fully rego manually.

  2. Enter the Device's IMEI (instructions on locating this explained below)

3. Click Preview.

PoolCar will then confirm the device IMEI is valid and you are permitted to link PoolCar to this tracker.

  4. Once confirmed click Save. 
mceclip2.png 5. PoolCar will confirm the update and provide the new Device Name (Rego Make Model)

Locating the Device IMEI

The IMEI can be found printed on the device in the barcoded section. It will be a 15 digit number, please use the IMEI in it's entirety in the steps above. 


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